Reiki is a complementary therapy that can help to relieve stress and help with general well-being, among many other benefits.

Reiki is described as an energy healing system.  It is a holistic therapy where the practitioner channels universal energy through their hands, which are placed on, or slightly above the patient’s body.  It is non-invasive and the patient remains fully clothed whilst seated.  Although it is very gentle it can have profound healing effects – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Reiki works by promoting the body’s natural healing process, removing blockages, balancing Chakras and enhancing well-being.

Responses to treatment vary, but people generally report feeling peaceful, calm and centred and often experience relief from pain and worry.  Any medical conditions would always be adddressed by a doctor, but as a complementary therapy, Reiki can enhance recovery and reduce side-effects of illness and medication.

Anyone can benefit from Reiki and it can open up whole realms of experience you may not have connected with before.

Tired woman lying on back chair with closed eyes. Businesswoman doing deep relaxation exercises during hard working day. Beautiful girl dreaming about future in office. Short meditation at workplace

Please feel free to call or email me if there is anything you’d like to discuss.  My hope is to be of service and offer a safe, therapeutic space in which healing can occur.

Reiki healing will take place in my fully equipped private Studio.

A full session of 60 minutes


‘Mini’ session of 30 minutes